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Viaggio studio a Londra: i momenti e i monumenti che più hanno colpito la 3^ B!

La 3^B ha mantenuto la promessa! Dopo essere rientrata dal viaggio studio a Londra ha composto un pensiero nella lingua madre della città che l'ha ospitata.

Di seguito i momenti e i monumenti che più hanno colpito i nostri alunni!

"If you go to London, you should visit the National Gallery. It's a building founded in 1824 by the Government. It's in Trafalgar Square. It has a lot of paintings, one of the most famous is "The Fighting Temeraire" by Turner. Here are the paintings from all over the world, so if you love art it is the place to visit! Inside there is a souvenir shop, too, where you can find some posters of the paintings on a smaller scale. There are some pens, too, with the face of some painters on top." (Dario D.)

"If you go to London, I suggest you to go to the theatre to see Cats, the musical. The scene is very beautiful, the singers dance and sing, the costumes are amazing and realistic. The songs are beautiful, too. The theatre is very big and old. I love Cats!" (Giulia C.)

"If you go to London, you must visit Madame Tussaud's! It's really beautiful, there are a lot of waxworks of famous people. I took photos with Einstein, M. Cyrus, Obama, Marylin Monroe and Michael Jackson: they are very realistic! There is also a tunnel of horror: I was scared! There are a lot of jokes and beautiful music. You must go there! There is also a famous restaurant if you want to eat later. If you go there, send me photos!"(Carola B.)

"Are you confused about where to go when you visit London? I recommend the beautiful  colourful Tower of London, which has a bloody history. It is founded on a lovely colourful garden on the banks of the river Thames. The prisoners entered by the Traitors' Gate, which is very scary. You can't miss this experience, so let's go to the Tower of London!!!" (Laura P.)

"If you go to London, you must visit the Imperial War Museum. This building has got five floors and a lot of rooms where you can examine old weapons like guns, cannons, rifles and also a tank from WWI, WWII, the Cold War and the Holocaust. If you like history, don't wait and go to the Imperial War Museum." (Edoardo C.)